In Case You Missed It!

In Case You Missed It!

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We’ve partnered with Southeast Community College (SCC) to expand higher education access to individuals incarcerated in five southeast Nebraska facilities/locations. SCC enrolled 229 incarcerated individuals for the 2024 spring semester, and more than 30 SCC faculty are teaching on-site and revising courses to meet security needs. #Programs #TransformNebraska

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More than 90% of the individuals incarcerated in Nebraska prisons will return to the community at some point.

With an average sentence length of three years, it is imperative reentry begins at intake and opportunities for change are available throughout a person’s incarceration.

A program-rich environment provides the space for individuals to make the necessary changes for successful reentry. #Programs #StrategicPlanningRead more

Keep people safe. It's our mission and we're proud to share about it.

Lt. Jeff Seeley represented NDCS and the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution today at the Southeast Community College job fair in Beatrice. He spoke to students about the many career opportunities available at NDCS.

Interested in being a part of our mission? Check out our available jobs: #TransformNebraskaRead more

Our greatest resources are the NDCS team members who have committed to serve the public and keep people safe.

By prioritizing team members and investing in their growth, we cultivate a work environment where every person feels respected and appreciated, and believes his or her opinion matters.

An investment in our team members is necessary to achieve the vision of safe prisons, transformed lives and safe communities. #People #StrategicPlanningRead more

People, programs, policies and physical plants are the heart of NDCS Strategic Plan, and this week we’re diving into each part of the puzzle.

Through developing our people, following sound correctional policies, and investing in our physical plants, we provide program opportunities for our population to develop the tools and skills to successfully reenter their communities.

It’s how we keep people safe.

#StrategicPlanning #KeepPeopleSafe

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Congratulations to Corporal (Cpl.) Austin Quinton, recipient of the North American Association of Wardens & Superintendents (NAAWS) Medal of Valor Award. Assistant Director Sabatka-Rine and Warden Boyd presented the award to Cpl. Quinton this week at the Reception and Treatment Center.

Cpl. Quinton received this recognition for his courageous and selfless actions to protect the safety of his teammates. We’re proud to see him receive this well-deserved recognition from NAAWS! #PeopleRead more

That’s a wrap! Congratulations to the NDCS team members who completed First-Level Leader training today. For team members ready to step up to a new level of leadership, this three-day course provides an excellent opportunity to develop a solid foundation of skills. They took a deep dive into their strengths and how to utilize them to be effective leaders. It’s wonderful to see the growth that happens during this training and the connections that are made. #NDCSEvents #PeopleRead more

Keeping relationships strong during incarceration is important to rehabilitation and successful reentry. Each of our nine facilities has designated space for individuals to connect with family and friends during visits.

Shoutout to all the visitors who bring positivity and encouragement to their loved ones. You make a difference! #Programs.

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