In Case You Missed It!

In Case You Missed It!

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Did you know there are 21 NDCS accommodated religions? And these faith-based activities are often volunteer led by community partners?

Individuals at NDCS facilities have a variety of opportunities to exercise their religious beliefs with activities such as baptisms, bible studies, choir events, sermons and a variety of faith-based programming at facilities throughout Nebraska. Individuals living in community corrections facilities have access to religious services in the community as they prepare for a successful reentry.

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We’ve launched a new phrase of evidence-based programming aimed at providing strengths-based reentry support services to incarcerated individuals. This month, team members at the Work Ethic Camp spent time learning this new model and practicing effective ways to bring this new and transformative programming to the NDCS population.

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Harambee Afrikan Cultural Organization members hosted their annual banquet at the Omaha Correctional Center. This organization promotes the idea that cultural awareness is necessary for human growth. Harambee means "all pull together” in Swahili, and the club’s message and this banquet are an example of that. #ProgramsRead more

As educational opportunities at NDCS facilities continue to expand, we’re excited to announce a new cohort of students at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution (TSCI).

These individuals will take part in a two-three year program for an associate’s degree in Christian ministry through Crown College.This donor-funded program prepares students for ministry through knowledge, character development and leadership excellence.

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NDCS is seeking a highly responsible, policy-minded, strategic thinker to manage the legislative process within the agency. As a vital member of our executive team, reporting directly to the agency director, you will be responsible for guiding our legislative strategy and ensuring compliance with relevant statutes. This role involves close collaboration with agency leaders, coordination with state agencies, and engagement with members of the Nebraska Legislature.

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Keeping relationships strong during incarceration is important to successful reentry, and events like family fun days help to foster those important connections. The Reception and Treatment Center (RTC) held a family fun day with games, coloring activities, a photo booth and snacks. Much laughter could be heard throughout the RTC gym as families enjoyed time together and had some friendly competition. Thank you to the dedicated NDCS teammates who made this event possible. #TransformNebraskaRead more

We’re celebrating the hard work and commitment of many individuals at our facilities — along with the dedication of our team members and volunteers who deliver these programs.

These photos represent graduates of:

Metropolitan Community College 180 Re-entry Assistance Program 7 Habits on the Inside GED Intensive Outpatient Substance Use Program Community Justice Center Victim Impact

A program-rich environment provides the space for individuals to make the necessary changes for rehabilitation and successful reentry.

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This spring, 229 individuals in our facilities are Southeast Community College (SCC) Bobcats, thanks to a partnership with SCC to expand higher education access to people incarcerated in five southeast Nebraska facilities/locations.#TransformNebraska

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