In Case You Missed It!

In Case You Missed It!

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Men coming into the library the Diagnostic and Evaluation Center (DEC) have been able to enjoy a change of scenery recently. “The project started before I started in the library, but it’s been great be part of it and to see it through,” said Librarian Tiffany Seager. “This is just one more way we can acknowledge the men’s unique talents here and give them an opportunity to put them to use. The Nebraska inspired artwork helps remind the men visiting the library of what they are working towards and focus on getting back to the community.”Read more

Several men at the Nebraska State Penitentiary have been collaborating on how to show their support and appreciation to healthcare workers. One of the men contributed his artistic talents to help create a poster. Unit Manager Brandon Tan oversaw the project and personally delivered the poster Bryan East hospital. Director of Volunteer Services Ellen Beans proudly accepted the donation on behalf of Bryan Health medical staff. The men continue to make more posters as an expression of their community support during this difficult time. #NECOVID19 #TellOurStory #GivingThanksRead more

Are you interesting in joining a team of passionate individuals all working to transform peoples’ lives? The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) is a diverse community of food service, nursing, maintenance and custody professionals. We are looking for people with a desire to serve, a commitment to teamwork, dedication, and the integrity to keep people safe.

Join our team and make a difference at NDCS!

#WereHiring #JoinOurTeam #KeepPeopleSafeRead more

On October 23, 1978, Jimmy Carter was the U.S. president, a stamp cost 13 cents and the Huskers had six wins out of seven games. That was also the day NDCS Engineering Administrator Jerry Pohlmann started his career at NDCS. Forty-one years, 10 months and 13 days later, Pohlmann is starting the next chapter of his life – retirement.

In the four decades that have passed since his hire, Pohlmann has had his hand in so many projects, it is impossible to count them all. Back then, there was no WEC and no facilities at all in Omaha. Overseeing the construction of TSCI has been one of the greatest achievements of his career. “...Read more

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) is pleased to announce that NDCS Deputy Director Jeremy Elder has been appointed be the next vice president of marketing for the National Correctional Industries Association (NCAI) board of directors beginning January 2021. As deputy director for NDCS, Elder oversees operations at Cornhusker State Industries (CSI), Federal Surplus Property and the NDCS engineering division. Currently, Elder serves on the NCIA board as the representative for the South Central region.

“Throughout my 16-year career in correctional industries, I have found NCIA to be an essential...Read more

NDCS offers a wide variety of career opportunities including case workers, food service, health care and security. CURRENTLY, A $10,000 HIRING BONUS FOR CORPORALS IS BEING OFFERED AT: - Lincoln Correctional Center - Diagnostic and Evaluation Center - Tecumseh State Correctional Institution - Nebraska State Penitentiary New hires will be paid $10,000 over three years in four month increments. That comes to $1,111.11 every four months. You must be employed at one of the three male, maximum security facilities to receive the bonus. Transfer or promotion to one of the other facilities will end eligibility for additional payouts. #...Read more

Knowing the importance of listening to your staff’s needs and making sure they have the best tools to do their jobs effectively are some of the qualities exemplified by Lieutenant Ron Morton that earned him the Omaha Corrections Center (OCC) Security Award.

This type of leadership is crucial, especially on third shift. “Lt. Morton ensures his staff is trained and are always prepared for promotions and the tasks at hand,” said Captain Seth Perlman. “Lt. Morton is a very tenured and experienced lieutenant and deserves this recognition.”

Other teammates also expressed their gratitude for his leadership. “He shows...Read more

Modeling professionalism and keeping a positive attitude are some of the qualities that merited Corporal Dana Harms the 2019 Nebraska State Penitentiary (NSP) Warden’s Proficiency and Performance Award for the Administration Division. When Harms came to NSP as an eye clinic technician in medical, she improved the work environment of her teammates and enhanced the atmosphere of the facility. Her willingness to help others while maintaining a positive attitude increased the morale of the entire facility. Security and unit staff acknowledged all of the extra efforts Harms put in to make their job more efficient and effective, going...Read more