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Rules for Virtual Visitor Participation 

  • Individuals who are approved visitors, in accordance Policy 205.02, Visiting, are eligible to request a virtual visit. Virtual visits are in addition to in-person visiting opportunities. Visitors who are approved only for Special Visits may have one virtual visit in place of an in-person visit.
  • The approved virtual visitor must present a copy of their driver’s license/State ID as requested prior to the visit and upon entry to the virtual visiting room (this applies to adults and minors, age 16 and up).
  • All minors under age 16 must have a birth certificate on file  at the time of the scheduled virtual visit.
  • All visits must be scheduled via the NDCS website.
  • Minors may participate in virtual visits, but must be approved per policy and accompanied by the authorized guardian for the duration of the visit. At no time shall a minor initiate a virtual visit.
  • Attorneys and clergy may virtual visit if they are on the approved visiting list. Where private communication is required, in-person visiting is recommended because all virtual visits are subject to being monitored and privacy rules do not apply.
  • Visitors must provide their own equipment and the necessary internet connection to participate in virtual visiting.
  • Approved Visitors who allow non-approved individuals to participate in virtual visits will be subject to suspension/termination. Violations of the program protocol or NDCS policy may result in a suspension of the visitor’s virtual visiting privileges and may affect in-person visits. The suspension may be temporary or permanent depending on the nature of the violation. The staff member supervising visits has the discretion to terminate the visit at any time.
  • Not available to individuals assigned to restrictive housing.

To view a PDF version of the Virtual Visitation Program Protocol click here: Virtual Visitation Program Protocol

If you wish to be placed on someone’s visitation list, you will need to contact that person and have them send a Visitation Request Form (VRF). Once the form is completed, send it to the appropriate facility for processing.
You must include your full name in order for a visitation request to be processed. Partial names will not be accepted.
Provide your complete address including: Street, City, State and Zip Code. Partial addresses will not be accepted.
If you would like to include additional adults visitors on your virtual visit, you must include their names here. You and other visitor(s) must be approved visitors. If the additional adult visitors are joining from a separate computer, they must complete a separate request form and request the same virtual visiting date/time in order to be approved. No Zoom links are to be shared. Enter the full name of all additional adult visitors below.
If you would like to include children on your virtual visit, you must include their names here. Each child must be accompanied by an adult and must be on the inmate’s approved visitor list. Enter the children's full names and ages below.
You must include the person’s first and last name.

OCC Holiday Visiting Schedule



Enter the date during which you prefer to visit. This is your first priority and will be granted based on availability/capacity on a first come, first served basis. Make sure the date you select is the same day as the session you choose below.