NDCS Facility Replacement Project

NDCS Facility Replacement Project

The 1,512-bed, multi-custody replacement facility will be state-of-the-art, enhancing safety for both staff and the incarcerated population. The facility's design will provide an environment conducive to programming, rehabilitation and reenty preparation. This project is a major investment in State of Nebraska infrastructure and reinforces the investment made in Lincoln.

The Need for a Replacement Facility

The existing Nebraska State Penitentiary (NSP) serves as the oldest facility in the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) system, with portions of the campus dating to 1869. Over the decades, the campus has been expanded and modified to maintain the facility’s viability. However, the facility's age and configuration have made it difficult to operate as a modern correctional facility. Physical characteristics and design shortcomings now mean the facility faces a myriad of challenges in meeting NDCS’s core mission to keep people safe. 

Project Location

Multiple sites across the state were evaluated based on several criteria such as proximity to the current NSP workforce, volunteers and others who work with the incarcerated population; healthcare facilities and emergency services; easy access for families of incarcerated individuals; and access to utilities. The selected property is north of Lincoln near 70th Street and Bluff Road, just north of I-80. (See images at bottom of page.)

Anticipated Schedule

Now that the site has been selected, the next steps include site design, utility connections and facility design. Construction of the facility is anticipated to begin in fall 2024 with an anticipated completion date of fall 2026. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the facility look like?

The design of the facility is currently in progress. This site is large enough to allow for the potential for berms, trees and landscaping to screen the facility from the surrounding roadway network and adjacent properties, minimizing concerns about visibility, light and noise.

How will the facility be accessed?

From I-80, motorists can access the site by using the US-77/56th Street interchange (Exit 405),  south to Arbor Road, then east to 70th Street.

How much will traffic increase in the area?

A traffic impact study will be completed in fall 2023. The traffic study will determine the anticipated impacts to traffic in the area and identify any infrastructure needs based on those impacts. Necessary roadway improvements will be coordinated between the city and the state.

What will happen to the existing infrastructure on the selected site?

The city will demolish the existing lagoon, buildings, buried piping, miscellaneous equipment and wind turbine located on the property.
The property will be annexed into the city to provide emergency services and connections to the city’s utility infrastructure.

What will happen to the current Nebraska State Penitentiary?

Following completion of the replacement correctional facility, decommissioning of the current penitentiary at South 14th Street and Nebraska Parkway in Lincoln will be initiated.