Reentry Services

Reentry Services

Reentry Guide

Starting in October 2018, every incarcerated person receives this 48-page NDCS Reentry Guide filled with information to help them prepare for release. The guides include information about clinical and nonclinical programming, education opportunities, social activities, reentry programs and more. Reentry specialists work with individuals to create a reentry plan that identifies goals for success and barriers that might come into play.

NDCS Reentry Guide

Additionally, incarcerated individuals also receive this Reentry Workbook.

NDCS Reentry Workbook

"When we say, 'reentry begins at intake,' we really mean it," NDCS Director Scott R. Frakes said. "The time to begin planning for release is the first day a person steps into prison."


Reentry Team

The reentry team offers hope and support to all incarcerated people at the beginning of their sentence, throughout incarceration, and after release so they can live successfully as included members of their community. Reentry services are individualized to meet the needs of the client and are aimed at creating opportunities for transformational change that will reduce the risk of returning to criminal behavior. Successful community reentry leads to safer communities.

Reentry Services staff members are specially trained to assist people with intentional reentry planning. Reentry specialists are available in every facility to help people establish their reentry plan and connect them with people, programs, and services that will help them achieve their goals. They meet with individuals during the first weeks of incarceration to encourage them to use their time wisely and begin thinking about what they want to do when they leave prison and how they will achieve their goals.

When the individual is about half-way to their parole eligibility date, the specialist will again meet with the individual to determine progress towards their goals and assist in whatever way possible.

Approximately 120 days from parole or discharge, the specialists meet with the individuals to finalize the reentry plan, which includes establishing housing, job searching and/or placement, connection to community resources and other resources as necessary. 

Program Description
Assistance for Social Security Application

Social workers provide assistance in obtaining and completing Social Security applications to individuals who qualify and are 90 days from discharge, post-release supervision or parole.

Need addressed:  Re-entry for those who may qualify for Social Security benefits due to age or disability.

Discharge Planning

Reentry specialists work with individuals to ensure a reentry plan is completed. The plan allows for a smooth transition to the community and focuses on housing, transportation, employment, education, and medical/mental health services as needed.

Need addressed:  Re-entry

Reentry planning

Clients develop comprehensive reentry plans that include housing/transitional living, employment/education, transportation, ID credentials, medical/mental and behavioral health treatment.

Need addressed:  Reentry.

Vocational and Life Skills Programming

See non-clinical programs list for more details.