Social Work Services

Social Work Services

NDCS licensed social workers provide reentry assistance to individuals who display one or more risk factors, such as major mental illness, history of sex offenses, history of violent offenses, history of chronic substance abuse or serious and chronic medical conditions.

The primary role of the social worker is to assist with discharge planning, serve as a resource and consultant to other NDCS staff members and to provide mental health services to incarcerated individuals as needed.  They provide a variety of services, including: assistance with obtaining Social Security, Medicaid, food stamp benefits, identification documents, veteran's assistance; securing appropriate living arrangements; arranging medical appointments; and providing information on community resources.

Program Description
Community Coordination

Social workers coordinate with a variety of community providers and agencies for mental health services, substance abuse treatment and medical services. Providers include the Veteran's Administration, DHHS, treatment agencies, private practice and non-profit organizations.

Needs Addressed:  Housing, medical, mental health, basic needs, re-entry. 

Living Needs

Social workers assist individuals with high medical/mental health needs to find clothing resources, apply for benefits or general assistance and other life needs.

Needs addressed:  Social work services.

Medical Services Coordination

Social workers assist individuals with high medical needs to set appointments for medication management, healthcare and provide resources to obtain medical insurance upon release:

Needs addressed:  Health, mental health, life skills, re-entry.

Specialized Housing Services

Social workers provide assistance to individuals with high medical/mental health needs to obtain transitional living, assisted living or skilled nursing care, as needed.

Needs addressed:  Re-entry

Specialized Population Served

Specialized Population Served offers services for inmates with mental illness or serious chronic medical conditions that are high risk and multi-needs.

Needs addressed:  Health; mental health