In Case You Missed It!

In Case You Missed It!

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On May 16, Nebraska State Penitentiary (NSP) incarcerated individuals worked planting in the external garden, which is located adjacent to Housing Unit #8. Incarcerated workers are assigned to maintain the garden have planted tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, squash and beans. The vegetables will be harvested this fall and will supplement meals served to the NSP population.Read more

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Associate Warden Ed Fabian completes paperwork at the Omaha Correctional Center (OCC). Fabian has been with the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) since 1984. His job duties include overseeing all facility operations including maintenance, food service, records, accreditation and other divisions. “In Omaha rehabilitation is important because we’re a facility that’s one step away from going to community corrections,” Fabian said. “Helping them in a way that they won’t come back is very important.” #NDCSTeamMemberSpotlightRead more

Fourteen incarcerated men graduated from Thinking for a Change (T4C) at the Lincoln Correctional Center (LCC) on May 25. Participants reported that they learned skills to address problematic situation. One inmate commented, "I thought that I might not learn much in this class, but I learned to slow down my thinking so that I can process situations before reacting."Read more

On June 5, Tecumseh State Correctional Institution (TSCI) graduated its seventh class of “Success Prep”. This program instructed by LaVon Stennis-Williams Executive Director of ReConnect, Inc., was developed for incarcerated individuals preparing to re-enter the community within the next twenty four months. Success Prep has provided TSCI population the proper resources for re-entry and has given them the opportunity to see themselves succeed!Read more

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Sergeant Damian Hoesing supervises inmates on the yard at the Nebraska State Penitentiary (NSP). Hoesing has been with the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) for 23 years. His duties as a yard Sergeant include coordinating inmate movement and assigning team members to the many tasks that need to be completed throughout the shift. “My favorite thing about working for the department is the great people I work with,” Hoesing said. #NDCSTeamMemberSpotlightRead more

The Community Justice Center (CJC) completed its 3rd Omaha Correctional Center (OCC) -“Restorative Justice -Victims Impact/Empathy/Life Skills Class” May 15. Eighty three percent of the class participants rated the class Excellent! With ninety percent showing some level of empathy and/or insight in the effects their actions on their victims/community. Two participants said: “It helped me realize that I negatively impacted over a million people. I also learned how to correctly deal with my emotional hygiene", and “This workshop helped me realize that there are way more victims because of my actions and has helped me know who...Read more

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Nursing Supervisor Ryan LaFave enters patient information into the medical system at the Omaha Correctional Center (OCC). LaFave has been with the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) since 2016. His job duties include setting schedules for patients, nurses and dental personal and ensuring everything in the clinic and health services runs smoothly. “Most of these guys don’t receive regular healthcare or maybe can’t afford medication,” LaFave said. “You see a change in people once they start receiving regular healthcare.” #NDCSTeamMemberSpotlight

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The Work Ethic Camp (WEC) closed out its month long staff appreciation activities for the month of May with its very first "Pie in The Face" throw. The WEC Leadership Team volunteered to participate and WEC staff voted for the top three. The voting ended up in a tie, so four ended up being selected to be the recipients of the pie throw. Thank you to the staff who spent many hours in planning and carrying out the month long activities which included, root beer floats pulled pork luncheons, dinners of their choosing provided to each shift, notebooks, stress balls, and many more. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR ALL YOU DO AND TO YOUR...Read more