In Case You Missed It!

In Case You Missed It!

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NDCS is hiring a Chief Nursing Officer to oversee all care delivery systems for the agency’s nursing and treatment services. In this role you will provide support, guidance, and direction to all facility Directors of Nursing.

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Web development is an in-demand skill, and a cohort of 14 individuals at the Work Ethic Camp (WEC) are ready to learn the skills to enter this field.

During the 31-week Midland Code Academy, which began last week, these students will gain a solid understanding of web development topics and will be prepared to enter the workforce as junior developers. The academy also prepares students with soft skills and the ability to communicate well with other developers.

This is the second cohort for the Midland Code Academy at WEC, and it’s amazing to see the learning and growth that happens in this group. Congrats to the...Read more

Yesterday was an incredible day for NDCS and Nebraska!

Nebraska has become the fourth state in the nation to launch Reentry 2030, a national initiative uniting leaders across the country to improve reentry success for people with criminal records.

Gov. Pillen issued a proclamation declaring February 1st as Returning Citizen Reintegration Day. Many national and state leaders were with us to mark this special occasion and usher in the launch of Reentry 2030!

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Our mission is to keep people safe, and our team members are essential to accomplishing that goal. Today, we welcomed the newest NDCS teammates — Class 1623!

As these teammates begin their careers at facilities throughout the agency, they will play an important role in preparing our population to successfully reenter their communities.

Welcome to the team! Stay tuned this week for many more reentry announcements to come! #People #Programs #NEforReentry2030

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More than 90% of our population will return to their communities, and preparation for successful reentry begins at intake. The Reentry Planner is one of the resources individuals can utilize to set goals and actively plan for success.

Stay tuned this week for many more reentry announcements to come! #People #Programs #NEforReentry2030

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Reentry is all about preparing for a successful return to the community upon release. And that preparation begins on day one of an individual's incarceration.

While at NDCS facilities, individuals have access to non-clinical programs, clinical treatment, education, job training, and many resources through the Vocational and Life Skills (VLS) program. These are preparation for community corrections, work release and ultimately reentry.

As an individual nears release, comprehensive reentry planning happens in partnership with our reentry specialists, as they work to secure housing, transportation, employment and...Read more

These graduates of Tecumseh State Correctional Institution (TSCI) programs represent a willingness to learn, grow and positively influence others.

They came together this week for a recognition ceremony to celebrate those who completed programming in the past quarter. The graduates have taken the steps to engage in a variety of transformational programs that concentrate on changing criminogenic thinking, strengthening daily living skills, encouraging responsibility and building valuable job skills.

A special thank you to our teammates and community partners who make these programs possible! #People #Programs...Read more