WEC teammates thanked for their hard work with new pins

WEC teammates thanked for their hard work with new pins

The Work Ethic Camp‘s (WEC) Employee Appreciation Committee (EAC) provided a gift to all WEC team members during the month of May. The WEC EAC wanted to thank each of the 96 teammates for their hard work and service to NDCS.

It was the committee’s intent to provide something that represented WEC and personal enough for teammates to appreciate. They selected pins depicting the correctional officer’s flag along with a note that emphasized how, “Every piece of the puzzle is needed to make this department what it is. Each piece is equally as important and valued!”

 “It was a touching gesture and much appreciated,” Sergeant Joshua Bopp noted about the pins.

“Out of all the gifts we’ve gotten in the last few years, this is my favorite,” Administrative Assistant Diane Lytle of Records said.

WEC team members have the option of wearing their pins either on their uniform, on their lanyards, or on their jackets.

Additionally, WEC sent over a few pins to some staff members at Central Office to show their appreciation to administration.