Talent flourishes at WEC

Talent flourishes at WEC

Inside the Work Ethic Camp (WEC), a group of men are taking extra steps to encourage change and forward movement for themselves and their peers. Thanks to the artistic talents of Michael Dugan, WEC has been getting an inspirational facelift. He has taken a hands-on approach to also teach airbrushing and mural painting to other men at WEC.

This group of men have not only created murals that will serve as a legacy within WEC, but a project depicting Nebraska points of interest is also on display at the Medicine Creek State Reservoir in Cambridge, NE.

In a strange twist, with the restrictions on men working outside of WEC due to COVID-19, the murals have provided an opportunity for the men to contribute to something more. Dugan noted a higher degree of cooperation and teamwork met with a willingness to learn how create these paintings.

More men came forward to help utilizing their woodworking skills to build a custom frame for one of the paintings depicting a sunrise that hangs in the WEC dining hall. The hard work and collaboration of all these men is evident. Visiting family and friends can enjoy the mural during scheduled visitation hours.

Dugan is teaching others more than just how to airbrush for their current project at WEC. The technique, control and concentration required helps the men learn new ways to cope with stress and pause before reacting.  While focusing on lines and paint placement and the slightest impacts on the overall project demonstrate how each action builds on the other, and relate it to other things in their lives, including how to work around mistakes and improve the overall outcome.  

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