Spotlight: Nebraska correctional officers and teammates week

Spotlight: Nebraska correctional officers and teammates week


Friends and colleagues gathered around the breakroom tables of the Community Corrections Center of Lincoln on April 18, 2019 to celebrate something extraordinary – retirement.

Corporal Eldon Ogorzolka is well known around the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services for his hard work, professionalism, and dedication to getting things done. Many celebrated and recollected his more than 35 years of service over cake.

Corporal Ogorzolka was the right-hand man for many NDCS employees.

“To be frank, he did it all!” One co-worker recalled about Corporal Ogorzolka. “From being a leader of the detail crew to ensuring the building was properly functioning and reporting any mishaps in an efficient manner.”

Many of his co-workers spoke candidly and warmly of Corporal Ogorzolka. They described him as reliable, a joy to be around, and someone with impeccable work ethic.

They recollected that Corporal Ogorzolka never was heard spouting discouraging words about his work or his role. He was a positive influence and great role model to learn under.

“He is a go-to guy," teammate Claire Moore noted when she reflected on her experience alongside Corporal Ogorzolka. "He sets the example for other co-workers and has an incredible work-attitude. He will be greatly missed.”

“If asked to find and observe something, his reports would be reliable and realistic,” Moore continued to recall.

His presence around NDCS and the Nebraska State Office Building will be greatly missed. We wish Eldon the happiest retirement and thank you for your many years of service!