Spotlight: Nebraska correctional officers and teammates week

Spotlight: Nebraska correctional officers and teammates week

When Brianna Husmann went to school for criminology, she knew she wanted to work with people in a way that made a difference, but wasn’t sure where or how. Even though Hussman was living in Kansas at the time, she decided to apply for a caseworker position with NDCS and was hired at the Community Corrections Center Lincoln (CCC-L). Just recently, she moved over to the reentry team at Central Office as a reentry specialist.

“I was lucky to get placed at CCC-L,” said Husmann. She went on to explain that she felt the team mentality at CCC-L was instrumental for someone like her coming in with zero previous corrections experience. “The people who work there helped me from the ground up. They helped teach me processes, how to deal with the people who live there and most of all, about being respectful.”

She is thankful to supervisors Michael Dorton and Daniel Slope for her success. “Dorton really cared about the work and always asked how I was doing. Slope helped teach me how to communicate with the people we housed.”

While at CCC-L Hussman conducted orientations for individuals, making sure they understood the rules and expectations of a community corrections facility. She also instructed Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) which is aimed at helping incarcerated individuals enhance their moral reasoning, make better decisions and exhibit appropriate behavior.  

“Her greatest strengths are her adaptability and her teamwork. She was put into different positions on different shifts at different times,” said supervisor Michael Dorton. “She never complained, all while instructing MRT and conducting the new inmate orientations. She was always willing to do whatever was asked and she always did it well. She excelled at everything she did, which is more impressive as she was hired off the street. She is missed.”

Husmann would regularly see Reentry Specialist Rafael Hernández visiting CCC-L and would frequently ask him questions about his work. When a position with reentry came open, she applied. Since moving over to reentry this past March, she’s been amazed at the opportunities available to incarcerated people in the community. “Knowing what’s available and being able to bring that back to our population has been incredible.”

Husmann continues to teach MRT once a week for a group of women at CCC-L. She values the experience and listening to the women’s stories. “It has given me a better understanding of people and taught me to be respectful to everyone regardless of their situation.”