SERVES brings agencies to work together

SERVES brings agencies to work together

Representatives from several agencies came together at the SERVES Team meeting on March 19, 2019, for a panel discussion. The Nebraska Army National Guard Victim Advocate Coordinator and Peer Victim Advocate, the Lincoln Police Department Victim Witness Unit Director, and a Voices of Hope Sexual Assault Services Coordinator discussed a variety of topics.

Through the panel’s many years of expertise assisting victims of crime they shared tips on what has and hasn’t worked, challenges they have faced, and how they have worked to reduce the stigma associated with handling traumatic events.

The SERVES Team aims to continue to collaborate with these other agencies in order to better assist NDCS impacted staff as well as community victims.

What is the SERVES Team?

The Staff Empowerment and Resiliency/Victim Education and Support (SERVES) team provides support to staff members during and following crises or events.

The SERVES Team is dedicated to providing support, empowerment, education, and resilience-building tools to staff, their families, and community victims/witnesses who have been impacted by NDCS incarcerated offenders.

Upon request, the SERVES Team responds to NDCS employees when a staff member has faced a critical incident, been verbally or physically assaulted, has experienced a stressful event or crisis, or may be facing personal issues. The Team provides peer to peer support, assistance, and referrals to appropriate community resources for staff as well as their family members.

Additionally, the NDCS SERVES Team provides advocacy, education and assistance to community victims of crime. The SERVES Team consists of specially trained members to assist victims through facilitation of the Victim Offender Dialogue, as well as provide support and advocacy prior, during, and after Parole Board Hearings, answer questions and provide resources.