Send Money, Books, Photos, Emails, E-Cards

Send Money, Books, Photos, Emails, E-Cards

Send Money, Photos, Emails and E-Cards
  • GTL/ViaPath is the inmate media system provider for photos, emails, E-Cards and money transfers.

  • Video Grams

    • Family members and friends may send a video grams to inmates. They are viewable on a GTL/ViaPath tablet and can be up to 30 seconds long. The initial cost per video is $.60 each.

      • If the video includes a message, add $.20 [$.60 + $.20 = $.80]
        If the video includes a photo, add $.40 [$.60 + $.40 = $1.00]
        If the video includes both a message and photo, add $.60 [$.60 + $.20 + $.40 = $1.20]

  • Criteria to send photos using GTL/ViaPath

ViaPath Education, Reentry & Reintegration

Individuals returning home to their communities can continue to access free ViaPath trainings and custom learning paths for up to one year after release. These resources cover topics such as using computers, managing money, career planning and organizations that support reentry. 

To learn more about this program, please visit the ViaPath Reintegration page.

Click here for instructions to create an account. 

Book Purchases and Other Materials

Inmates may order and receive books from approved book vendors. The list of vendors is available upon request from the NDCS Legal Division. Any book order received from an unapproved book vendor will be returned to the sender.

Publications such as magazines, subscriptions, newspapers and other periodicals may be sent to incarcerated individuals from recognized vendors/publishers. These items must be prepaid, sent directly from the publisher, and routed through appropriate team members as defined by the facility to which it is sent.

Friends/family may also send funds to inmates per Policy 113.02, Inmate Accounting, for inmates to purchase:

  • Books for correspondence and/or college courses not available from an approved book vendor. All materials related to the course must be received through the institutional mailroom and will be reviewed by mailroom team members to ensure compliance with NDCS and Institutional polices.
  • Religious books of a recognized religion not available through an approved vendor. These books and materials must have prior authorization.  

An inmate may seek to obtain a book not available from an approved book vendor by submitting a request to NDCS Legal Division. These requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If a request is denied, the requesting inmate will be informed of the reasons in writing.

A book vendor that wishes to be included on the approve agency list should contact the NDCS Legal Division for consideration of their request.

To access a list of approved book vendors, click here.