Our heroes don't wear capes. They wear fun and friendly masks.

Our heroes don't wear capes. They wear fun and friendly masks.

Superman, Batman, Captain America and more comic book super heroes and their symbols can be seen on homemade masks throughout NDCS facilities and also on friendly faces in the community. Several teammates at NDCS facilities have fired up their personal sewing machines and are creating cloth masks for their co-workers, family, friends, and people in our community as well as in other cities. At the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women (NCCW), three teammates there have made and donated nearly 300 masks to others in their spare time.

“This is a crazy time,” said Renee Mattox, certified master social worker. “I never imagined that I would live through something like this, ever. I originally posted a photo on Facebook that I was making masks. People have contacted me through there and word has spread since.”

“I think the fun patterns matter and help to make people smile,” said Corporal Kristi Braun.

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) supplied all teammates and the incarcerated population with masks to assist in preventing the transmission of airborne droplets from person to person during the coronavirus pandemic. Once the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) came out with mask recommendations for the entire nation, NDCS opened up its mask requirements to allow teammates to wear any type of mask they prefer at work, giving teammates the opportunity to get creative and bring in their own.

“I have made masks for any staff that have asked and some of their family members too,” said Braun. “I have also donated to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and I am making some for Douglas County Corrections as well.”

As with many supplies, finding enough fabric and elastic to continue making the masks has been the women’s biggest challenge. But they slowly pick up supplies where they can and make time to sew when they can. They say it has all been worth it in order to give back.

“I wanted to help the people around me,” said Sergeant Nikkol Senff. “It is very rewarding.”

“COVID-19 is a sad situation and a scary situation for many people. My heart hurts for those who have been impacted by this pandemic. Especially those who have experienced some sort of loss because of it, whether that be a loss of a loved one, a loss of employment, a financial loss, a loss of their sense of security and safety,” noted Maddox.

Working at NCCW, teammates take many precautions to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19. They know everyone has to do their part to keep people safe. “I feel that the department is taking many steps to help,” said Senff. “Also I think that the corrections family that we have at NDCS is amazing and we come together in tough times to get through whatever we need to. We’re here to brighten their day.” said Senff.

Thank you NDCS teammates for what you do!

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