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OCC maintenance team finds friendship and loyalty at work

OCC maintenance team finds friendship and loyalty at work

Having a #BFAW also known as a best friend at work goes deeper than having a friendship with another person on the job. It's about loyalty, engagement and working with someone who you know will have your back if the going gets tough. Shawn Nelson (Tile crew), Steve Jordan (Plumber) and Donn Vacek (Painter) are BFAW's at the Omaha Correctional Center. They describe the entire maintenance team as a close-knit group.

"Having these guys around makes the job a whole lot easier," said Nelson. "I've been at NDCS for 20 years and have had multiple positions. They are always willing to help out and if you miss a day, you can rely on each other to catch you up."

The maintenance team has a lot of different BFAW's around NDCS. But they appreciate the connection they've developed within their small group.

"I appreciate having my coworkers here to rely on," said Jordan. "We're a team."