NSP housing unit gets hand-painted murals

NSP housing unit gets hand-painted murals

A group of incarcerated men at the Nebraska State Penitentiary has transformed one of the housing units with beautiful, hand-painted murals.

The six-mural project began in December 2017, after the previous unit manager and lead porter came up with the idea to make their housing unit less dreary.

Presently, two murals are finished with three others nearing completion.

The murals are designed and painted by the incarcerated individuals and are subject to pre-approval from Warden Michele Capps.

Unit staff also play a key role in supervising the painting sessions as well as purchasing supplies.

The incarcerated population in this housing unit have benefitted greatly from the murals being implemented. There is a sense of pride in the unit because of its unique and colorful murals rather than the white walls that existed in the space previously. This pride has led to improved sanitation of the unit and has allowed for a creative outlet for the incarcerated individuals at NSP. 

Staff in the housing unit have also benefited positively from the implementation of the murals. The murals have inspired staff to continually aid in bettering the environment and boosting overall morale.

“Staff take pride in working in our Housing Unit and the murals have inspired others to want to improve their offices as well,” said Unit Manager D. Gruber about the mural’s staff impact.  “A staff member recently donated his time and plants to start a flower garden in front of our housing unit.”

Other units across multiple facilities have begun to make similar improvements to their spaces including a housing unit with a gallery for Veterans.