NDCS Team Member Spotlight: Registered Nurse Ina Thiel

NDCS Team Member Spotlight: Registered Nurse Ina Thiel

Staying busy, overcoming challenges and finding variety in her day-to-day routine are three key reasons why Registered Nurse (RN) Ina Thiel loves her work in corrections. She’s dedicated her career to assisting and treating the incarcerated population with nearly 19 years in corrections, eight-and-a-half of them working at the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS). “Inmates are people who have made bad choices and we as teammates have the opportunity to educate them to become a part of our communities.”

Thiel noted she tries to lead through example by being firm, fair and consistent. She encourages both teammates and the incarcerated population to have confidence in themselves. “I encourage people to have accountability for their actions to foster better decision-making in the future.”

Working as a nurse through the COVID-19 pandemic is its own challenge, and Thiel has not backed away. In order to continue to keep people safe, good hygiene is extremely important. Thiel said continuously educating the incarcerated population has been sometimes overwhelming. But she focuses on the importance of proper handwashing and the proper use of the masks that have been provided by NDCS.

“Working in corrections has been frustrating at times, but it has been the most fulfilling job of my career,” said Thiel.

Thank you RN Thiel for what you do. NDCS appreciates you and all of our teammates in medical services!

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