NDCS Team Member Spotlight: Lieutenant Jacob Harkendorff

NDCS Team Member Spotlight: Lieutenant Jacob Harkendorff

For the last decade, Lieutenant Jacob Harkendorff has dedicated his career to serving his community. He worked in the fire and water restoration business before applying to the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) to be an officer. Since he hired on, he promoted to corporal, sergeant and is currently a lieutenant at Tecumseh State Correctional Institution (TSCI).

With NDCS Corrections Month underway, he looks back at his time at NDCS. “I started at the Lincoln Correctional Center (LCC) and moved to other facilities through my promotions. The facility had a family atmosphere I really liked. I knew this career was a good fit for me.”

Throughout the years, Harkendorff’s primary goal has been to help others. He said he uses positive communication skills to encourage the incarcerated population to follow safety procedures. He also assists new teammates in enhancing their own communication skills so they can be successful in developing rapport with incarcerated individuals. “I enjoy the communication between teammates and also when I talk with inmates. You can enforce rules and explain things without having to be an enforcer. How you communicate is how you get a positive reaction.”

As a lieutenant at TSCI, days go quick. Most of the time, the team focuses on shift assignments for teammates and documenting actions and behaviors of incarcerated individuals. The team also gives guidance and advice to team members regarding the best ways to handle a variety of tough situations. “We want to guide the men living at the facility in a different, more positive direction. We also want them to enhance their own personal skills too so they can be more successful when they reenter the community. I try to be a positive influence to our teammates and also the men incarcerated here at TSCI.”

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