LCC case managers advance skills at team building retreat

LCC case managers advance skills at team building retreat

Learning new skills, communication and building relationships are important parts of work at the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. The Lincoln Correctional Center (LCC) held a Case Management Retreat for its unit teammates to focus on enhancing these skills.


The day-long event was spent learning at the Cornhusker State Industries Conference Room and also at Pioneers Park where the group conducted several team building exercises.


“Tony Cruz presented information on how to continue assisting the people living at the facility with a positive path throughout their time there,” said Deputy Warden of the Lincoln Correctional Center, Cathy Sheair.


Classroom training also focused on teamwork and a variety of ways teammates can accomplish this while working in different housing units. Team members got to ask a lot of questions and discuss different ways to solve challenges.


For the second half of the day, team members conducted several exercises including the Helium Stick Challenge. This challenge allows people to touch the stick using only the top of their index fingers, making it easy to drop. The goal is to lower the Helium Stick to the ground. But in order to do that, teams had to work together, listen and focus on accomplishing their goal patiently.


“The group that won designated one person to give directions of when to lower the stick and when the stick needed rebalancing,” said Sheair. “It’s all about teamwork. One person talking; at the same time, everyone needed to listen to each other in order to get things done.”


For lunch, Mr. Oliver and Mr. Salomons worked together to grill up a nice meal.