Judd organizes The Gladiator Combine

Judd organizes The Gladiator Combine

Corporal Anthony Judd, of the McCook Work Ethic Camp, recently organized and led The Gladiator Combine. This physical competition consists of various exercises such as Cable Chest Press, 40 Meter Dash, Max Rep Chin Up, V-Sit Reach, 20 Yard Shuttle Run and the Long Jump.

Each category tests different variables of an athlete. Scoring is based against each individual's weight. The end score gives the individual an idea of how athletic they are and what they can do to improve.

Corporal Judd states that he creates these competitions so the participants can get confirmation of their hard work and he likes that each test brings a new challenge to the table.

The competition began with 13 participants and ended with one winner. The top three are pictured above with Corporal Judd. Andrew Spike (2nd place) Nathan Lopez (1st place) Richard Reynolds (3rd place). They all received a medal and free meal from Subway for their hard work!