Dedicated NDCS Employee Retires After 20 Years of Service

Dedicated NDCS Employee Retires After 20 Years of Service

Ann's family, Ann, NDCS Director Scott Frakes
Nebraska State Penitentiary Warden Michele Capps, Ann, and Ann's family.

Gathered around her, on her final day of an impressive career are co-workers who've turned into true friends over the years and family.

"I've had a great 20 years here," said Ann, a secretary working in Programs at the Nebraska State Penitentiary.

A beach-themed cake and party decorations fill the room as her husband, children, grandchildren and group of employees wish her well in retirement.

"The people are all great people," said Ann.

Ann is proud of her career. Like many people who work at the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, she got her start as a temp. back in 1998. Nine months later, she's proud to say her hard work landed her a secretarial position that she truly loved.

"The fact that they (co-workers) will always help when you need it and they'll always get you through any tough situation."

For her years of service, Ann received a framed United States flag that had flown up above the Nebraska State Penitentiary for a time.

Ann will miss her co-workers, but she also has big plans for her retirement.

"My plans for the future are to do some traveling with my husband and enjoy watching my grandkids," said Ann.

Best wishes to you, Ann! Thank you for your loyalty, hard work and dedication to the NDCS mission in keeping Nebraska safe.


Pictures include:

(1) Ann's husband, Dan, Ann, NDCS Director Scott Frakes

(2) Retirement Cake

(3) NSP Warden Michele Capps, Ann and Ann's husband, Dan.