Corporal inspires appreciation and positive growth

Corporal inspires appreciation and positive growth

Sometimes in order to see a change, you must be the change. In order to create an environment which promotes positive growth and continued recognition of the forward moving behavior, it takes one person to see the possibility and to act on it.

Recently at the Work Ethic Camp (WEC), Corporal Judd did just that.

Judd recognized the need to do more to acknowledge and encourage positive behavior so he created the Plus form, presented the idea and gained approval to implement it. Since May 14, 2020, 112 Plus forms have been presented from teammates to incarcerated individuals.
“We focus way too much on the negative that the inmate population creates,” said Judd. “Through misconduct reports and incident reports, we rarely have anything to focus on the positive aspects of their nature.”

The Plus form allows staff to personally acknowledge those who are doing exceptionally well and are creating a difference. “For example, the porter that doesn't create issues and just does a great job every time without being told to fix their issues. That person holds himself accountable and is never rude or out of character, follows basic rules and doesn't cause issues for staff,” Judd explained.

Through the form, staff can acknowledge a variety of positive behaviors: accountable, self manageable, always respectful, leadership, exceeds expectations, positive attitude, consistency and integrity.

“As our population changes and creates new issues we as staff need to find new perspectives and ways to solve these issues. I’d like to see WEC stand out for something,” said Judd.

This type of recognition has been well received by both the men living at WEC and the staff. A copy of the form is also included in their records.

Judd felt strongly about making this change, “If you know there could be a positive growth in a specific area, say something and do something. We can’t make progress without movement.”

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