TSCI General Population Veterans Club Annual Banquet

TSCI General Population Veterans Club Annual Banquet

The TSCI General Population Veterans Club held their annual banquet on Tuesday, November 27.  The banquet was in honor of Veterans Day.

The evening was dedicated to Major Brent Taylor who died on November 3rd, serving his country in Kabul, Afghanistan.  He leaves behind his wife and seven children of Ogden, Utah.

The room was brightly decorated in patriotic colors of red, white, and blue.  Each branch of service was represented by their flag.  The highlight of the evening was the ceremony honoring the “Fallen Soldiers.”

The club swore-in their new officer team for 2019, as well as hosting a dinner with entertainment.  Bill Fitts, a volunteer who had toured with the USO and has supported veteran programs for the last 40 years, lent his talents for the evening.  He was accompanied by 5 members of the club.  The band played a variety of songs ranging from patriotic songs to the classics.  The guests all sang along and encouraged the band.

Warden Hansen and Associate Warden Cruickshank came out in support of the event and spent time talking with volunteers and members of the Veteran’s Club.  Staff members and even staff members' families participated to show their support.  The Veteran’s Club thanks the facility for allowing such an event to take place.  Their support contributed to its success.  We are looking forward to next year’s event.