IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Unit Case Manager Tracy Donovan

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Unit Case Manager Tracy Donovan

In the Spotlight: Unit Case Manager Tracy Donovan

With hard work and dedication to the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services' (NDCS) mission to keep people safe, Community Corrections Center - Lincoln Unit Case Manager (UCM), Tracy Donovan is in the spotlight this week.

"She's fun to work with and is motivated to come to work every day," said Kimberlie Novotny, unit manager at Community Corrections Center - Lincoln.

UCM Donovan started her career with NDCS in June 2015 as an officer at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institute (TSCI).

She was promoted to corporal in November 2015.

She then spent time as an acting caseworker in February 2016 before she went back to corporal in July 2016.

UCM Donovan then transferred to the Community Corrections Center-Lincoln (CCC-L) in July 2017 as a corporal.

She soon became a caseworker at CCCL in June 2018 and promoted to unit case manager in December 2018.

CCC-L is where she focuses on rehabilitating and preparing incarcerated individuals for the transition back into the community.

"Work release facilitates a smoother transition to parole or discharge, said Community Corrections Center-Lincoln Unit Case Manager, Tracy Donovan. "It is important that we prepare individuals for their release by giving them a chance to work, see their family and friends, and go into the community while still under supervision.” 

UCM Donovan is key in spearheading a new program at Community Corrections Center-Lincoln that will allow incarcerated individuals with resources like a computer, to start writing resumes, cover letters, turn-around letters and apply for jobs. This program helps them become more successful and productive people in the community.

"She isn't afraid to ask for help when she needs it," said Novotny. "She's a good teammate and we're thankful for her hard work."