Second inmate tests positive for COVID-19

Second inmate tests positive for COVID-19


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Second inmate tests positive for COVID-19


May 15, 2020 (Lincoln, Neb.) – Today, Director Scott R. Frakes provided a summary update on the management of the coronavirus (COVID-19) within the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS). To date, 20 inmates have been tested for the virus by NDCS medical staff or an outside medical provider. Twelve results have come back negative and other results are still pending. Two results have been positive. One was for an inmate from the Community Corrections Center-Omaha (CCC-O) who went to the hospital for other medical issues and was tested upon admission. Another positive result came from an inmate who had close contact with that person.

“The majority of inmates currently undergoing testing are housed at the Community Corrections Center-Omaha (CCC-O) and were determined to have close contact with the first inmate who went to the hospital,” explained Dir. Frakes. “We are also testing inmates who will be discharging from CCC-O during the facility quarantine, as a precaution. If any of the releasing inmates test positive, we will notify the appropriate district health authority, and assist the inmate with establishing necessary community resources.”

The community corrections facility remains under quarantine. Staff members who were in close contact with the positive patient are isolating at home and will be permitted to return after a 14-day quarantine and clearance from a medical provider.

“In addition to interviewing people, we also reviewed video recordings to ensure that we identified anyone who may have had contact with the positive inmate,” said Dir. Frakes.  “The inmate population at CCC-O will remain on quarantine for at least 14 days. We continue to closely monitor everyone’s symptoms and check temperatures daily. No inmates are showing any signs so far related to the virus.”

Director Frakes also noted that a couple of NDCS teammates have been able to return to work after isolating at home.

“Our contact investigations have allowed us to identify those who may have had exposure to someone positive for COVID-19 and follow up with the appropriate steps to prevent further transmission. In addition, our strategies of wearing masks, aggressive sanitation efforts, limited movement, screening for symptoms and risk factors, following community standards of care for testing and utilization of universal health precautions have served us well over the past two months.”

Dir. Frakes said vigilance would continue to be key going forward.

“We are not out of this by any means. We will continue to be aggressive in our efforts to slow the introduction and spread of COVID-19. Our commitment to care remains the same as when the pandemic first started.”