NDCS Team Member Spotlight

NDCS Team Member Spotlight

NDCS Team Member Spotlight:

With nearly two decades of experience and several jobs under her belt, Maria Bieker says what she enjoys about working at NDCS is that every day is unique and brings a new challenge. Bieker has served as a corporal, unit caseworker and now, a unit case manager -- all at the Work Ethic Camp (WEC) in McCook.

A self-proclaimed “list queen” who likes to have her agenda scheduled, Bieker still enjoys the novelty of each day. “Every day is different. I try and have a set plan on what work is going to get done, but the flow of the facility directs my day.”

WEC is known for having a tight-knit community and Bieker relishes in the opportunity to work with her friends daily.

“After working with someone for almost 20 years, you really get to know them and build good rapport,” said Bieker. “It’s a smaller community at WEC and the team members here work well together.”