NDCS Team Member Spotlight

NDCS Team Member Spotlight

This week we are highlighting our NDCS Corrections Leadership Scholarship Program students. While studying criminal justice at Peru State College, these students are gaining valuable hands-on experience to become the corrections leaders of tomorrow.

NDCS Team Member Spotlight:

Coming from a family of public servants, Gabriel Stolinski has always wanted to serve the public in some way.

Stolinski is a sophomore at Peru State College and is enrolled in the Corrections Leadership Scholarship Program, which provides scholarships to Peru State criminal justice students who are completing a degree while working at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution (TSCI) during the summer and school year. Developing students into leaders as employees of NDCS is the goal of the program.

“With this scholarship program, I will be able to afford to work toward my degree in criminal justice and get the experience of working in the department,” said Stolinski.

While working at TSCI, Stolinski looks forward to learning more about the different positions at NDCS and gaining valuable experience serving alongside other team members.