NDCS Provides Update on DNA Collection

NDCS Provides Update on DNA Collection


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June 8, 2017 (Lincoln, Neb.) – Today, the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) provided an update on the collection of DNA samples in accordance with state statute.

In February 2017, NDCS implemented changes to the procedures to collect DNA samples and the consequences to be imposed when a sample is not provided. At the time, 78 individuals had refused to provide a sample. Since that time, however, the number of refusals has decreased and is currently 13. The policy language, implemented May 17, 2017, relative to DNA collection is attached.

In addition to the policy change, NDCS conducted an additional review of sentencing orders for each individual who refused to provide DNA. Working with the Attorney General’s office, an order to use force was sought from the sentencing judge in four cases. Provided with the order to use reasonable force, three of the four complied with the directive; one did not and force was used.

“I am committed to collecting DNA samples from every incarcerated person and believe the course we have charted will result in full compliance with state statute,” said Director Scott R. Frakes. “In those cases where additional steps are necessary, we will take them as we did in these four cases from Douglas County.”