NDCS Partners with State Auditor for Process Improvement

NDCS Partners with State Auditor for Process Improvement


CONTACT Dawn-Renee Smith, Communications Director

OFFICE 402-479-5713 | dawnrenee.smith@nebraska.gov

​July 6, 2017 (Lincoln, Neb.) – The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) and Nebraska’s Auditor of Public Accounts partnered to improve processes within NDCS’ accounting division.  NDCS had been trying to identify resources with the required expertise to address a backlog in that division.  Charlie Janssen, Auditor of Public Accounts, offered to commit his staff’s time to provide assistance with this.

As the auditor’s office provided the needed assistance, they also conducted an audit of the process. The audit revealed several bookkeeping issues and identified recommendations to address them. No material issues or mishandling of funds were present.

NDCS is working to implement the suggested changes now and will continue to partner with the Auditor’s office. Because the specific area of accounting under review is highly specialized and complex, the auditor’s office will review our work to see what changes we’ve made, if the changes have improved the process and identify further solutions as necessary.

“We knew we had a problem and looked for resources to address it. The auditor’s office offered to provide their expertise and we are grateful for their assistance,” said Director Scott R. Frakes. “Our goal is to improve our processes and this work makes that possible. The partnership between NDCS and the Auditor’s office supports the Governor’s mission to create a more effective, more efficient and customer-focused state government.”

The NDCS response to the audit findings is attached. The audit report can be found on the Auditor of Public Accounts website.