Disturbance results in damage to DEC housing unit

Disturbance results in damage to DEC housing unit



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Disturbance results in damage to DEC housing unit


December 25, 2019 (Lincoln, Neb.) – A disturbance inside a housing unit resulted in property damage, but no injuries at the Diagnostic and Evaluation Center (DEC) on December 24, 2019. The incident started before 7:00 p.m., causing the facility to be placed on lockdown* status, while the investigation proceeded into those responsible for causing the incident.


“Members of the Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) were dispatched in order to assist facility staff members, which would be standard procedure in a situation like this,” said Scott R. Frakes, director of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS).


“The event was concluded fairly quickly. The deployment of chemicals (oleoresin capsicum) was not necessary and there were no injuries to inmates or staff members. No other areas of the institution were impacted.”


Director Frakes said based on the initial investigation, it appeared the incident started when staff members confiscated food items as well as homemade alcohol from those living on the housing unit. Damage included a cracked window and some broken furniture. Surveillance cameras on the unit were also disabled by the inmates.


“It appears about 14 individuals were directly involved,” said Dir. Frakes. “Others on the housing unit returned to their cells without incident, in response to staff directives.”


Director Frakes commended the swift response of teammates. “Staff members left church services and other events involving their families to be at DEC on a moment’s notice. I could not be more appreciative or proud of the dedication displayed by our NDCS team members.”


DEC was placed on modified operations* this morning and will return to normal operations later today.




*Lockdown:  A significant and unusual action taken to restore order and ensure the safety of everyone inside a facility.  All inmates are confined to their cells, and are under direct escort any time they are outside of their cells. 


*Modified operations is defined as, actions taken to more closely control movement of inmates within a facility due to safety and security needs. Can include confinement in cells of a portion of the inmate population, cancellation of program/work activities, and direct escort of certain inmates – as determined by the warden/designee.