CCC-L recognizes teammates with MVP award

CCC-L recognizes teammates with MVP award

Athletes are awarded the title of "MVP" for exemplary performance and the contributions they make to their teams. In the same spirit, the Community Corrections Center – Lincoln (CCC-L) recognizes teammates who go above and beyond with a "MVP of the Month" award. Today we're celebrating three team members who play a valuable role at CCC-L.

Sergeant (Sgt.) Tanner Bice is a hardworking and dependable professional with a can-do attitude. He’s willing to step in to assist others and is adaptable to changing circumstances.

Always ready to lend a helping hand, Sgt. Cynthia Wokoma is known for her work ethic and ability to handle multiple tasks efficiently. New team members are grateful for her mentorship and veteran team members appreciate her wisdom.

Corporal Joshua Vesely often goes beyond his regular duties in the warehouse to help his fellow team members. His hard work and willingness to pitch in do not go unnoticed.

Thank you to these CCC-L team members! #MakeADifference