Behind the Scenes of Behavioral Health

Behind the Scenes of Behavioral Health

Dear Future Teammate,

Our Behavioral Health Services division is seeking licensed AND provisionally licensed individuals to join our team! 

We need professionals — like you — who enjoy helping others unlock their potential, while creating a positive space meant for healing. The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) is filling multiple positions across the state. Our greatest resource is our team members who have committed to serve the public and keep people safe. We prioritize our team members and invest in their growth, cultivating a work environment where every person feels respected and appreciated. Together, we achieve the vision of safe prisons, transformed lives and safe communities. 

With NDCS you are eligible for State of Nebraska benefits. We offer flexible scheduling — enjoy practicing without the burden of billing, prior authorizations or malpractice insurance. Gain clinical experience while obtaining your licensure, and make the most of our tuition reimbursement program.

We encourage you to reach out with any questions or to request a pre-employment tour of any facility of interest – Lincoln, Omaha, Tecumseh, York, McCook. 

Contact our NDCS Recruitment Team at – We look forward to working with you in 2024! 


Why Behavioral Health Services at NDCS?

• Multidisciplinary team and collaborative work environment

• Extensive professional growth opportunities

• Diversity of care from adolescence through adulthood - male, female, and transgender individuals

 Great opportunities for new and provisional health professionals:

•  Mentorship and supervision to obtain full licensure within our health service community

•  Diagnostic experience, development of treatment plans, and independent practice

•  Gain experience in clinical care and case management, routine and specialized care


 Unique opportunities for ALL health professionals:

•  Practice healthcare without the burdens of billing, insurance authorizations, and staffing

•  Malpractice insurance coverage

•  Continuing education and professional learning opportunities

•  Opportunities to supervise, lead, mentor and teach

•  Excellent work-life balance



If you're interested in applying to Behavioral Health Services, NDCS has several positions open. Below is a list of a variety of  Behavioral Health and Social Work positions offered at NDCS.

- Psychiatric Director

- Psychiatrist

- Psychology Director

- Psychologist

- Mental Health Practitioner

- Mental Health Registered Nurse

- Social Work Director

- Certified Master Social Work Supervisor

- Certified Master Social Worker

- Clinical Program Manager

- Chemical Dependency Supervisor

- Chemical Dependency Counselor

- Chemical Dependency Treatment Specialist

**Unpaid Internships Available**