Behind the Scenes of Administrative Services

Behind the Scenes of Administrative Services

Estela Finn, Interpreter/Translator

Translator and Interpreter builds bridges using communication skills

Administrative Services offers a variety of career choices at the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) including finance, purchasing, administration, staff development and victim services. This category also includes the department's team of translators and interpreters. Estela Finn has been a team member since 2007. She said she has had other job opportunities come her way, but interpreting and translating information for the people living in correctional facilities is something she enjoys.

"I truly believe I make a difference with the work I perform," said Finn. "I am a channel for understanding between our teammates and incarcerated individuals."

Finn works at three facilities in Omaha. The Omaha Correctional Center, Community Correctional Center - Omaha, and the Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility. She said there are many things she's learned in her time with NDCS, but the most important one has been to not jump to conclusions right away.

"I believe what I really do is build bridges of communication between people," Finn said. "I help people understand each other. A lot of frustration and conflict is avoided when one person is able to understand another."

A hardworking teammate, Finn has also been called upon to help translate brochures, website material and other documents for the department to make information more available to Spanish-speaking individuals. She was key in helping the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency translate emergency information into Spanish for victims of the 2019 flood disaster in Nebraska.

"My favorite thing I like about this position is that I feel useful," she said. "I feel I am able to contribute and feel part of the team at NDCS. That makes my job enjoyable."

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There are more than 150 job classifications offered at NDCS. Administrative Services includes:

- Accounting / Finance

- Administration

- Business Management

- Communications

- Emergency Preparedness

- Executive Leadership

- Human Resources

- Information Technology

-  Legal

- Prison Industries

- Process Improvement

- Purchasing

- Records Management

- Staff Development

- Support Services

- Victim Services

- Volunteer Services

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