Bees buzz at new NSP flower garden

Bees buzz at new NSP flower garden

The bees are buzzing and flowers are blooming at the Nebraska State Penitentiary (NSP). A beautiful flower garden has come alive this summer. People living at the facility and the NDCS teammates enjoy the diverse selection of blooms.

"Very meditative," said Harold Stone, a person living at the facility who takes care of the garden. "I have pride in this."

Stone has been working on the flower garden since October, when plans were set in place to create one. He focuses on planting perennials like daisies and Echinacea to grow and split them in the future. Drought-resistant grasses are also a part of the scenery.

"Everybody has their own sense of what this is," said Stone. "Looking at the flowers is a topic of conversation."

Exciting things are ahead for the flower garden. A spreadsheet of the flowers planted and how they'll begin to fill in around the dirt have been developed to keep track of the garden's progress throughout the years.