Erinn Criner

Erinn Criner

Human Talent Director


Erinn Criner was appointed human talent director at NDCS in January 2014. With a diverse skill set, Criner is deeply committed to delivering outstanding services to all NDCS employees, fostering a workplace culture aligned with the agency's mission to keep people safe.

In her role, Criner oversees pivotal areas, including professional development, which involves the supervision of Staff Training Academy, leadership academies and teammate engagement; and human resources to include: recruiting, retention, payroll, benefits, classification and compensation, labor relations and workplace harassment. Additionally, Erinn plays a crucial role in ADA compliance, staff advocacy, and has recently championed a focus on agency wellness for team members.

Criner's guiding philosophy revolves around the belief that by nurturing and supporting NDCS teammates through the teams she leads, a positive ripple effect is created, ultimately contributing to the well-being of incarcerated individuals.

Before joining NDCS, Criner honed her expertise at Gallup, where she not only led projects but also fostered team engagement through a strengths-based approach. Her earlier career provided valuable experience in human resources and payroll within the banking and private accounting industries.

Criner holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications from York University.