WEC Road Crews

WEC Road Crews

This year, road crews at the Work Ethic Camp (WEC) have been assisting with many projects in the McCook community and throughout southwestern Nebraska. These crews are gaining job skills, while also helping to enhance community facilities.

Some of their projects this year included:

  • A new fenced-in dog park in McCook; 
  • Fish habitats that, in cooperation with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, will be placed at the bottom of five local lakes to support the fish population;
  • Construction of a fence around the pickleball court at McCook’s Russell Park;
  • Assistance to the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) with distribution of water and supplies to firefighters and community members affected by fires in southwestern Nebraska;
  • Mowing, weed removal and cleaning of Wieland Field in McCook before every home football game this season