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Teammates Graduate CICR Instructor School

Teammates Graduate CICR Instructor School

What better way to learn than by teaching? These NDCS team members completed training to be Crisis Intervention and Conflict Resolution (CICR) instructors and are now fully equipped to teach these valuable skills to other teammates. 

While the training course often called for participants to go beyond their comfort zones, what they accomplished was remarkable! All 17 new instructor candidates are now part of the CICR team. 

The new instructors came from facilities across the state and are motivated to drive the program forward within our agency. As one member of the instructor school said, “This course will turbocharge your confidence and enhance the skills that many of you already bring every day.”  

Thank you to all involved in this important work. And for any NDCS teammate wanting to develop their skills and make a positive difference in the lives of others – consider joining this team! #NDCSteammate