Road to Reentry: Community Corrections & Work Release

Road to Reentry: Community Corrections & Work Release

More than 90% of individuals incarcerated in Nebraska will return to our communities. During #SecondChanceMonth we’re highlighting the rehabilitative services and resources that encourage successful reentry.

 Community corrections facilities provide opportunities to reintegrate with family members, earn wages, attend college and participate in other community programs. It’s an important part of a supportive reentry process – one that encourages responsibility and accountability. 

NDCS operates two community corrections centers:

The first several weeks after arrival are spent on work detail — a job at the facility or in the community supervised by corrections staff or community staff with specific corrections training. Work detail assignments are generally for NDCS or other state agencies and can include cleaning and road crews, maintenance or administrative office work. Individuals may also attend local vocational, educational or community programs. 

Following a time on work detail, individuals are provided an opportunity to go into the community to look for jobs. Once a job is secured and community corrections staff have been in contact with the employer, they can be assigned to work release. Those on work release are employed in the community, receive competitive wages and pay applicable taxes. 

Stay tuned for the final step on the road to reentry — comprehensive reentry planning. #NDCSRoadToReentry