Multiple Staff Assaulted at Reception & Treatment Center

Multiple Staff Assaulted at Reception & Treatment Center


CONTACT Dawn-Renee Smith, deputy director


May 31, 2023 (Lincoln, Neb.) – Three inmates assaulted multiple staff members at the Reception and Treatment Center (RTC) today, resulting in potentially serious* injuries. Five staff members went to the hospital for treatment consistent with stabbings utilizing manufactured weapons, plus injuries from being kicked and punched. The units where the staff assaults occurred will remain on modified operations* until all investigations are complete and any necessary follow up has occurred.

Based on preliminary information, the inmates who carried out the assaults were intoxicated and were being directed by staff members. The inmates responded by assaulting the team members. In all, seven staff members were transported for medical care, including two who were injured when they responded to the scene. They were not physically assaulted.

The unit where the incident occurred is one of two high security, maximum custody units at RTC. Three weapons have been recovered.

“The injured team members were primarily concerned with the well-being of their co-workers, which is indicative of the commitment they have to each other,” said Warden Taggart Boyd. “Staff responded quickly and contained the situation within minutes.”

“Violence toward staff members will not be tolerated,” said Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) Director Rob Jeffreys. “Those who choose to perpetrate these acts will be dealt with accordingly, which includes internal discipline, risk mitigation and the judicial system.”

While the injuries were serious, none are considered to be life-threatening. The Nebraska State Patrol is overseeing the investigation. Findings will be presented to the county attorney for determination of criminal prosecution.


*Assaults with serious injury: A serious injury requires urgent and immediate medical treatment and restricts the person’s usual activity. Medical treatment should be more extensive than mere first aid, such as the application of bandages to wounds. It might include stitches, use of Dermabond or other topical adhesive, setting of broken bones, treatment of concussion, loss of consciousness, etc.

*Modified operations is defined as, actions taken to more closely control movement of inmates within a facility due to safety and security needs. Can include confinement in cells of a portion of the inmate population, cancellation of program/work activities, and direct escort of certain inmates – as determined by the warden/designee.