Send Money to an Inmate

Send Money to an Inmate

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Access Corrections
Access Corrections

Important: Changes to email and money transfer services

A new vendor will be providing inmate email and money transfer services. JPay will be the new inmate media system provider for these services. As part of the transition to the new vendor, please be advised of the following:

No Keefe money transfers are available after Jan. 19, 2018. Money transfers can be made via JPay effective approximately Jan. 23, 2018.

No Keefe emails can be sent after Jan. 15, 2018. Money transfers can be made via JPay as indicated below. Please note these are approximate dates and may change. If changes occur, updates will be provided on NDCS’ website.

DEC:       1/27/2018                                            OCC:      2/06/2018

CCCO:   1/23/2018                                            NCCW:  1/31/2018

NCYF:    1/23/2018                                            TSCI:      1/27/2018

CCCL:     1/25/2018                                            NSP:      2/12/2018

WEC:     1/24/2018                                            LCC:       2/09/2018


Send money to an inmate online or over the phone! In an effort to improve the efficiencies and security regarding inmate deposits, Access Secure Deposits now offers the following payment options for family and friends of NDCS inmates.


         Toll Free Deposits                                         Internet Deposits

               As low as $4.50                                                As low as $4.50



Access Secure Deposits takes all MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards. Additional information is also located here under "Frequently Asked Questions."


Send electronic messages at any time, day or night, for a small fee. Each email message has a 1500 character limit. (Privileged mail should not be sent via this method.)

Electronic messages from family/friend to the inmate

Go to and set up a free account

Your electronic SecureMail messages will be available on kiosks in the housing units or on approved player purchased by the inmate

If you have questions about how to use the Access Corrections service for electronic mail, please call 1-866-345-1884


Mail Package Package Price Price per Message
1   $0.20
5 $0.90 $0.18
20 $3.20 $0.16
40 $5.60 $0.14