Due to a reduction in staffing, inmate visitation will be canceled at the Nebraska State Penitentiary on Sunday, October 13, 2019. Thank you.

Victim Services Representatives

Victim Services Representatives

To enhance support for crime victims and survivors, each Nebraska Department of Correctional Services facility has at least one designated Victim Services Representative. These individuals promote communication, responsiveness and victim-sensitive principles and practices. They collaborate with the Victim Services Coordinator, other Nebraska Department of Correctional Services staff and many community partners to improve our responsiveness to the needs of victims and survivors.

If you have questions regarding any of our victim services, please contact the facility that the inmate resides in and ask to speak to with the Victim Services Representative.  If you do not know the facility, you can contact Erinn Criner at (402) 479-5752.



Diagnostic and Evaluation Center 402.471.3330
Victim Services Representatives
Rexann Adams
Nebraska State Penitentiary 402.471.3161    
Victim Services Representatives
Randy Bartelt
Monica Edwards
Cody Eastman
Michelle Decker
Kevin Tranmer                


Lincoln Correctional Center 
Victim Services Representatives
Rexann Adams
Jared Kugel
Kelly Ward
Community Corrections Center- Lincoln 402.471.0740 
Victim Services Representative
Tony Slupe
Alicia Draeger
Tecumseh State Correctional Institution 402.335.5998
Victim Services Representatives
Mike Carr
Christina Horne
Lucas Roede 
Marv Chauza
Beckie Davison
Susan Tallant
Omaha Correctional Center  402.595.3964
Victim Services Representatives
Doreen Knudsen
Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility 
Victim Services Representative
Jeffrey Elkins
Geri Knight
Community Corrections Center-Omaha 402.595.2010
Victim Services Representatives
Kristie Sargent
Tammie Munoz


Nebraska Correctional Center for Women 402.362.3317
Victim Services Representatives
Katherine Rea


Work Ethic Camp 308.345.8405
Victim Services Representative
Vicky Leibbrandt 
Anthony Judd