Nebraska Board of Parole COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update

Nebraska Board of Parole COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update

Nebraska Board of Parole COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update:

Modified Procedures

Pursuant to the State of Emergency declared by the President of the United States and the
Governor of the State of Nebraska, and also in light of the indefinite suspension of visitation at
and within the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, please be advised of the following
modified parole hearing procedures:

1. Parole hearings will continue to take place without the physical presence of the public.
All parole hearings are recorded and can be requested pursuant to the public records

2. Individuals are encouraged to provide written testimony when possible. The most
efficient and timely way to do this is by submitting testimony through the Board of
Parole’s website at You may also submit written
testimony via regular mail.

3. Public participation in parole hearings will take place via teleconference. If an individual
wishes to give oral testimony, please follow these steps:

a. Contact the Parole Board at 402-479-5754 no later than the day before the
applicable hearing and provide the following information:

i. Inmate Name
ii. Inmate Number
iii. Date of Hearing
iv. Location of Hearing
v. Call-back number to be contacted at the time of hearing

b. At the time of the hearing, you will be contacted by the Board to testify. The Board
will only place one call to each call-back number it has been provided for a given
hearing. You will be asked to swear or affirm that your testimony will be truthful.

4. If a parole client has plans to be picked up by family or friends upon release, please wait
for the parole client to be in contact to make arrangements for a time to be picked up.

5. Parole clients subject to electronic monitoring will be outfitted with required equipment
prior to release.

6. Transfer Requests for parole clients wishing to parole to another state under the
Interstate Compact are not being processed effective 3-16-2020 until further notice.
Nebraska has also requested that other states not process any parole Transfer Requests
to our state during this time. This situation will be assessed on an ongoing basis.

7. Upon release, parole clients should be in contact with their assigned parole officer within
24 hours for further reporting and supervision instructions.