JPay Video Visit—NCCW Pilot

JPay Video Visit—NCCW Pilot

The JPay Video Visit Pilot at NCCW allows inmates to video visit with family and friends through JPay. Approved visitors can schedule visits through the JPay website. The JPay website provides detailed information for scheduling video visits. 

Below are the guidelines for the pilot: 

  • Visits must be scheduled at least seven days in advance.
  • Video visits cannot be scheduled more than 30 days in advance. 
  • The visits are scheduled in 30-minute blocks. 
  • All rules and regulations established for in-person visitation apply to video visitation.
  • All visitors (adults and minors) must be approved visitors. 
    • Up to four adult visitors may appear in a video visit. There is no limit to the number of minors who may appear in a video visit. 
      • If there is a 'no contact' with minors restriction in place, minors will not be allowed to participate in the video visit.
    • All who appear in the video must be approved visitors.
    • Visitors must follow the in-person visitation dress code guidelines.
    • Visitors must be in the view of the camera at all times to maintain identification.
    • Visitors are required to have a government issued ID on file at least 72 hours prior to the video visit.
      • The copies can be mailed to the address listed below or emailed to
        Nebraska Correctional Center for Women
        Attn: Visiting Clerk
        1107 Recharge Rd
        York, NE 68467
  • All video visits are subject to monitoring by NCCW staff.  Behaviors that violate visiting rules will be addressed through misconduct reports. Sanctions can include suspension of video visitation. Serious violations such as indecent exposure and show of illegal substance and/or weapons can lead to immediate termination of a video visit and suspension of all visiting privileges (in-person and video visitation). 
  • There are no confidential video visits.

During a JPay Video Connect call, the following are prohibited:

  • Making or showing gang signs
  • Making or showing peace signs
  • Displaying the middle finger
  • Showing photos of civilians with large amounts of money
  • Showing photos that might incite violent or illegal activity
  • Including any violent or illegal activity or reference to:
    • Images or the use of drugs or drug paraphernalia
    • Rape
    • Murder
    • Assault
    • Theft
    • Breaking and entering
  • Absolutely no nudity can be seen, including:
    • Male and/or female nudity
    • Infant nudity
    • Nudity drawings or cartoons
  • Clothing that is deemed unacceptable to wear/show during the session:
    • Panties
    • Bras
    • Sheer negligees
    • Nightgowns
    • Bathing Suits (including for children)
  • Social media is not allowed, including:
    • Showing social media posts
    • Screen shots with texts or phone numbers
    • Texts on photos
    • Sexual gestures, even if clothed
    • Photos of other incarcerated individuals