TSCI Family Council Meetings

TSCI Family Council Meetings

WHO:  All TSCI-approved visitors

WHAT:  TSCI Family Council Meeting

The purpose of the Family Council is to provide an avenue for participants to communicate directly with members of the TSCI administration, identify areas that may be in need of improvement and to get feedback on those ideas. While it is important to remember that change will not be immediate, this forum gives us an opportunity to discuss the aspects of change. While you do not need to be immediate family to attend, all attendees must be approved visitors to TSCI. The meeting will last up to one hour. 

WHERE:  TSCI Visiting Room 


Meetings will last up to one hour.

SMU/ISDP Wednesday Aug. 8, 2018 4 p.m.
Housing Unit 1 Thursday Aug. 9, 2018 4 p.m.
Housing Units 2 and 3 Friday Aug. 10, 2018 4 p.m.


Issues of general concern – relative to visiting
Suggestion for improvement – relative to visiting


Meetings will begin and end on time
Dress code for meetings will be the same as visitation dress code
No one inmate will be discussed
No one staff member or group of staff members will be discussed
Interruptions of staff and other attendees will not be allowed

Items to be added to the next agenda will be determined through discussions at each meeting
Meeting minutes will be taken and available for participants at the next visiting session and posted on the bulletin board in the lobby waiting area

**Individual inmate's programming needs or transfer requests will not be discussed at this meeting. 


4/20/18 -- 4/26/18

  • Facilitator: Associate Warden Bulling-June
  • Recorder: Deputy Warden Secretary Jepsen

Welcome: AW Bulling-June welcomed everyone and gave a brief overview, explained expectations and purpose of the meeting.

  • Visitors are allowed to come in for the Family Council meeting even if they chose not to visit the day of the meeting.
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring change to the meeting.

Issues Discussed:

  • Visiting Double Sessions: Double visits are placed on one side of the visiting room and single visits are on the other. There are too many people and it is loud and hard to communicate. This was previously enforced, then stopped and then enforced again. A request was made to see if they could move to another area for the 2nd session. This rule was initiated when there was a different setup in the visiting room due to interruption, privacy and disruption of other visitors. The tables were not originally in the visiting room either. After review of rule, it was found to be in staff post orders for the visiting room. It is in place so staff can keep track of visitors. Yes, the visiting pass states “double” however faces are not on passes and if there is a change over in staff assignment, the east side would indicate for incoming staff. No changes will be made, however if you choose to sit at the picnic table for a session, you will be permitted, with staff communication, to move to a chair/coffee table on east side. 
  • Lockdown: Why did all inmates on gallery get Misconduct Reports during the lockdown? Some inmates were in the shop, shower and in their cell but couldn't’t secure their door because their cellmate was not in there yet. Directives were given to the inmates to secure their doors. It was their individual choice to not secure their door. Inmates can appeal their misconduct report by submitting an IIR to the Warden, DW or AW. This process has already begun and the Warden is reviewing them on a case by case basis. Visiting time is lost and it affects family members when placed on lockdown. Administration understands the burden of modified operations however for the safety and security of the facility sometimes it is necessary. Our goal is to return to normal operations as soon as it is allowed. Why was 2D placed on lockdown when they were not doing anything? This is not the case. HU2D gallery was placed on modified operations due to events that took place on Saturday, April 14, 2018. When did they come off lockdown? 2D returned to normal operations on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. 2A returned to normal operations on Thursday, April 19, 2018. Both were permitted visits on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.

  • Sack lunches: While in visiting the men are asked if they want a sack lunch, they are sometimes never received or arrive very late. Delay of the sack lunch could be due to the clearing of count. It will be monitored more.

  • Cost of vending food: The cost of food in the vending machine has gone up. For example a sliced apple or cup of veggies is $3.75. Can the amount brought in by visitors be raised? It is currently at $20 per visitor. AW Bulling-June will discuss this with the Warden to see if the dollar amount allowed to bring in can be raised. Per AR 205.02, the amount is specified at $20 per person, at this time it cannot be changed.

  • Vending: Add hot sauce for a condiment. Would like to add vegetarian subs like they had during Lent. AW Bulling-June will request these. Coffee machine has been acting up. It works off and on. The vendor will be notified. The bigger plates are better.

  • AW Bulling-June asked for ideas for the bookcases. Conversation starter books. The sign language book gets used. Magnetic board where it can be drawn on and erased.