Jeff Wooten, Ed.D.

Jeff Wooten, Ed.D.

Executive Management Officer


Jeff Wooten, Ed.D., was appointed executive management officer in November of 2016. His primary responsibilities include increasing the efficiency and productivity of the NDCS staff and orchestrating the agency director's priority projects and commitments.

Wooten independently manages projects, develops strategic communication on sensitive topics, identifies critical issues requiring immediate response or action and supports the collective efforts of the director and executive team.

“There is an immense sense of teamwork and pride in the NDCS organization," Wooten said. "We are a dynamic group of people, with similar interests, who come together every day working toward the same goals.”

Wooten spent 26 years in the U.S. Army. During his military career, he conducted five combat deployments and held positions from team leader to battalion executive officer. His experiences with the Army were vast – ranging from management of video surveillance systems, to collaboration with the U.S. Ambassador in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to coordination of anti-terrorism and force protection programs throughout 27 nations.

Wooten earned a Doctor of Education from the University of New England, a Master of Science from Northeastern University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Charleston.