Diane Sabatka-Rine

Diane Sabatka-Rine

Deputy Director for Operations


Diane Sabatka-Rine was appointed Deputy Director for Operations in May 2015. Her primary responsibilities include overseeing the management of five facilities where more than 4,000 incarcerated individuals reside, coordinating restrictive housing reform and other inmate management initiatives and supervising the operations of the agency’s intelligence and security divisions.

Sabatka-Rine started as a corrections officer with NDCS nearly three decades ago, and has since filled a number of roles including unit administrator, assistant warden and warden before her appointment to deputy director. She enjoys the day-to-day challenges of her work and says she couldn’t ask for better coworkers.

“Success in this business is a team effort, it’s not an individual accomplishment,” Sabatka-Rine said. “I think that our people do extraordinary things every day and it’s truly an honor to work with individuals of that caliber.”

Sabatka-Rine is a Nebraska native. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in sociology, from Wayne State College.