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Special Services Unit


The Special Services Unit was established in 1983. At that time its primary duties were to return parole absconders and escapees to the institution. Over the years the duties have expanded to include detainers, warrants of arrest, prisoner transportation, inmate calling system, teletype services, acquisition of security equipment, radio communication licensing, and administrative support for the Governor's Office in association with formal extradition proceedings. The Special Services Unit consists of a Unit Administrator, Staff Assistant II, Administrative Secretary, and three Warrant and Extradition Officers. Special Services teletype operators are available during normal business hours only. All wanted person entries are held by the Diagnostic and Evaluation Unit terminal ORI-NB055035C, ((402) 471-3330) where 24-hour service is provided.



The Special Services Unit Administrator serves as the central administrator acting under the supervision of the Department Director in implementing the Interstate Agreement on Detainers (IAD). The IAD is a compact comprising of 48 states, the District of Columbia and the United States government. It provides for the administrative transfer of prisoners who are wanted by other states for trial on criminal charges. Within the State of Nebraska, the disposition of untried charges pending in county and local jurisdictions is handled according to procedures similar to those contained in the IAD. The purpose of the IAD and the Intrastate Disposition of Untried Charges is to provide a process by which prisoners and prosecutors may initiate steps to resolve outstanding criminal charges upon which detainers are based. Provisions for speedy trials help to alleviate uncertainties that slow programming and rehabilitative opportunities for prisoners within the correctional system. The Special Services Unit processes on an average of 150 detainers and inmate trial requests per month. In addition to Department of Correctional Services duties, the Special Services Unit provides administrative support to the Governor's Office in reviewing and processing Governor's Warrants in the extradition of wanted fugitives.

To lodge a notifier or detainer, mail a cover letter to the address below. A detainer request must include a certified copy of a warrant, information or complaint with cover letter.



The Transportation Unit employs three Warrant and Extradition Officers who work closely with local, state and federal agencies. Their duties include the return of escapees, parole absconders and parole violators, interstate transfers of inmates, institutional transfers, transporting of parolees for revocation hearings, waivers of extradition, and notification of inmate release dates to agencies who have lodged detainers. The unit uses two 6 passenger Maxi Vans to transport inmates. Each vehicle is equipped with security screens, restraints, gun lockers, two way radios, and cellular telephones. When necessary and cost effective, inmates are transported by commercial aircraft following all FAA regulations. During the 2008-2009 fiscal year the Transportation Unit transported 1050 inmates for a total of 65 thousand miles.


For more information contact:

Craig Gilsdorf, Acting Administrator
Phone: (402) 479-5705
Fax: (402) 742-2334
Teletype: NB055025G or NDCS