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Purchasing Mission Statement


Purchasing is committed to excellence through professional ethics and best business practices, while striving to be fiscally responsible, and ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.

Making A Difference Every Day, in Every Way!

The Purchasing Department actively pursues the acquisition of products and services at the most economical cost available while maintaining necessary quality requirements. This is done in part by assuring the accuracy of specifications, competitive bidding, and by utilizing Cornhusker State Industries as a preferred Agency source.

NDCS Purchasing is responsible for the preparation and implementation of service contracts affecting all NDCS facilities and Central Office. Purchasing also coordinates commodity contracts with the Department of Administrative Services (DAS). Contracting guidelines followed by Purchasing Buyers are in concert with DAS guidelines to establish a standardized, open, and fair process for selection of contractual services and to create an accurate reporting of expended funds for contractual services. This Department oversees an average of 200 service/commodity contracts annually.

Inventory responsibilities include the formulation of standardized inventories for all supplies and equipment throughout the Department and coordination of NDCS vehicles, both agency owned and vehicles secured through the DAS Transportation Bureau. Appropriate monitoring and reporting is completed on all state-owned property. Inventory personnel are also responsible for assessing and coordinating the motor vehicle needs of the facilities/programs to include monitoring of vehicle logs and the coordination of accident reports and vehicle repairs.

Additionally, DCS Purchasing is responsible for issuance of all staff uniforms and uniform components.


NDCS Bid Opportunities


DAS Materiel Bid Opportunities


For more information contact:

Central Office

Mary Carmichael - Materiel Administrator
(402) 479-5717

Chris Kliment - Assistant Materiel Administrator
(402) 479-5718

Gayle Dietz - Buyer III
(402) 479-5747

Tim Scharnhorst - Buyer III
(402) 479-5646

Peggy Arp - Buyer II
(402) 479-5779

Diane Poppert - Buyer II
(402) 479-5980

A. J. Divis - Buyer II
(402) 479-5883

Ann Mock - Staff Assistant I
(402) 479-5769

Dawn Cadek - Staff Assistant I
(402) 479-5677

Brenda Knollenberg - Staff Assistant I
(402) 479-5714

Gayle Callahan-Wolfing - Staff Assistant I
(402) 479-5746

CSI Buyers

Karen Gilbert - Buyer III
(402) 471-1468

Rhonda Bayne - Buyer I
(402) 471-1252

Materiel Control

Denzil Cobb - Materiel Control Manager
(402) 479-5716

Annette Powers - Staff Assistant II
(402) 479-5788

Martin Bundy - Warehouse Technician
(402) 479-5657